Wait, how do Mushrooms fail
Locke: i don't think you can wear a condom if you're blown to pieces
Locke: i mean, i guess another person could shove your meat chunks into a condom and then shove that condom into a vagina or anus?
shitletsbeTherapist: There's never an excuse not to wear a condom.
shitletsbeTherapist: Rory never.
shitletsbeTherapist: Never say those words at me, or anyone else, ever again.
[9/14/2014 7: 27:50 PM] *** Skeleton Factory .01 has changed the conversation topic to "Birthday Travesty: Rory has smoked birthday salmon, but forgets to activate her almonds." ***
Locke: i'm homo trash
Locke: shan, i have literally seen this picture before. i have literally seen hundreds of pictures of people getting fucked by bugs or people fucking bugs
Locke: i think i would like free! way more if it just had tommy wiseau voicing haru
shitletsbeTherapist: "If we're going to get scouted, we have to start eating properly! Show me what each of you has for breakfast!"
Haru takes the lid off his bento box to reveal a raw piece of mackerel steak and a glass of hot water that tipped over and spilled inside the box.
Earth Furry (dean): i want to floss my teeth with your pubic hair
talking about the 50 shades of grey movie
Locke: isn't rayleigh from pacific rim going to be in it
Locke: the actor of rayleigh i mean
shitletsbeTherapist: No please let it be the character Rayleigh.
shitletsbeTherapist: "My interests are exclusiv-" "DUH NUH NUH NUH NUH NA NA" as a Jaeger fist slams through the wall of his dungeon and starts grabbing shit to throw at a category 3 Kaiju.


Locke: hello
Locke: i just saw
Locke: guardians of the galaxy
Locke: it was good
shitletsbeTherapist: They’ll probably use that on the DVD release.
Locke: what
shitletsbeTherapist: “It was good” raves TV critic Rory Emmerich.
Locke: my only question
Locke: and this is mainly aimed at you
Locke: raids
Locke: is who cares about howard the fuck
Skeleton Factory .01: Howard the Fuck.
shitletsbeTherapist: Howard the Fuck.
Locke: shit shit shit

Locke: every sunday is the day i draw something and color it
Locke: but i've ran out of ideas and for the last month it has been monster girls
Miranda/Blu: draw the snapchat I sent you!
shitletsbeTherapist: Draw Ari and Shann's panel as a crushing failure.
shitletsbeTherapist: Bonus ballpit.
Earth Furry (dean): draw the inside of your elbow but growing fingernails out of it
Earth Furry (dean): maybe even whole fingers
Skeleton Factory .01: open the closet dean
Earth Furry (dean): No!
Skeleton Factory .01: Open it, Dean!
Earth Furry (dean): No!!!
Skeleton Factory .01: 1 2 frindle's coming for you
Skeleton Factory .01: 3 4 OPEN THE DOOR
shitletsbeTherapist: 5 6 Pixie Stix.
Skeleton Factory .01: 7 8 stay up late
Aradiddles: 9 10 i bet he has a dickwolf dick.
Skeleton Factory .01: What the fuck, Aradia
shitletsbeTherapist: What the FUCK.