Wait, how do Mushrooms fail
ari r: if god loved me he would send his only begotten son to take me to fucking dennys right now
ari r: im just cracking up b/c what if will just has a house full of random animals like haha look at this weird dog
Locke: owns a bird, calls it a dog
ari r: theres like a fucking bear in his living room
ari r: this weird dog was in my garbage cans!!
Locke: his v large dog
ari r: hes a hungry one!
Locke: it was hard to find a collar large enough for him!!
ari r: not rlly friendly tho :^(
Locke: he thinks peter's rat friend is just a very tiny dog
ari r: peter that is the smallest dog i have ever seen!
Locke: peter just gives him an are you serious look
ari r: deer are in his yard
ari r: look at all of those tall dogs!!
Locke: crawford and alana accompany him to the zoo for a crime and they go into the reptile house and will is just "look at all these hot dogs!!!!"
ari r: screams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ari r: some of them dont even have legs!!
ari r: what happened to these dogs!!!!
Locke: he cries over the legless ones and crawford is just "what's wrong" and will is just "they're missing all their legs"
Locke: sees a flamingo and is just "that dog is a trooper, only having two legs"
ari r: there are just too many dogs in this world
Locke: i think i've only listen to like, three smash mouth songs all together?? i want to say four though
Locke: all star, accidentally in love, walking on the sun, ???????
Locke: what else was in shrek
Miranda/Blu: yeah, same here as far as I can remember
Miranda/Blu: maybe there was another one? who knows. smash mouth.
Miranda/Blu: no no wait
Miranda/Blu: one week!
Miranda/Blu: also one week!
Skeleton Factory .01: Smashmouth's Cult Classic ???????, 13 minutes and 42 seconds of the drummer tapping his fingers on his instrument while the vocalist can be heard eating hard boiled eggs.
Miranda/Blu: wait, that was barenaked ladies
ari r: rory ok you watched the show w/ the muppets that eat the other muppets right??
ari r: it was an anime
Locke: attack on titan
Comment Brolay made while watching the second preview for Free! season 2

Bro Lay 12:47 pm
    they still don;t have nipples

 Sheik Sama 12:47 pm
    they shaved them off to swim faster

 Bro Lay 12:47 pm
    fuck fuck fuck
    ok you know what
    i’m leaving

 Bro Lay 12:48 pm
    i hope you’re happy with yourseld
    see you in a few

 Sheik Sama 12:48 pm
    yes, come into the dragon’s den to hear more bad jokes from yours truly

 Bro Lay 12:48 pm
    see you next water you fucker

 Bro Lay 11:52 pm
    that awkward moment when someone draws a newborn baby with freckles

 Sheik Sama 12:01 am
    did you draw babies with freckles

 Bro Lay 12:01 am
    i know that’s not possible
    unless their mom had a personal sun in there uterus but that would cause a few other issues

 Sheik Sama 12:02 am
    i am laughing at the image of that

 Bro Lay 12:02 am
    gives birth
    in one arm: this is my son
    other arm: and this is my sun

 Sheik Sama 12:03 am
    brings whole new meaning of bringing light into the world

 Bro Lay 12:03 am
    we are terrible

 Sheik Sama 12:03 am
    i am pretty sure this is why we are friends

 Bro Lay 12:03 am
shitletsbeTherapist: This is the last we will see of any of these people. Little do they know, the theater just filled with carbon monoxide. They will pass out into a calm death, and the doors will be sealed forever to please their pharoah, CEO Andrew Wilson.
shitletsbeTherapist: That was really pretty and all, but they didn't show any- all the feels.
Farmville Dad: ALL THE FEELS
ari r: i have never heard someone say "all the feels" out loud like that
Locke: all the feels
Locke: groans
*** shitletsbeTherapist has changed the conversation topic to "ALL THE FEELS- Haha I better settle down .-." ***
 Sheik Sama 11:54 am
    last night i watched someone shoplift a frozen chicken by stuffing it up their vagina in the name of art

 Brolay’s cell 11:56 am

 Sheik Sama 9:39 am
    i read another mpreg fanfic last night
    the author showed the water breaking by filling the character’s lungs with amniotic fluid and coughing it up and almost drowning in it

 Brolay’s cell 11:01 am
    Isn’t that what they did in nge

 Sheik Sama 11:01 am
    oh my god